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Invoiced App — Achieve your business goals with your unpaid invoices

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Nexmo integration prize at Small Biz Hack, London 2018

A bit of context

Invoiced is a concept we brainstormed and developed during the Small Biz Hack in London, on the 24–25th February 2018. Organized and sponsored by Quickbooks and hosted at Code Node in London.

Small Biz Hack partners:

Our persona

Guillaume is the founder of a small business. He has done some work for 3 clients with an equal to £15 000 pending invoices.

Guillaume, small business owner

He has goals, he’s growing his business and he needs to buy equipment for the new joiners. However, he cannot do that because of the cash flow issues.

This where invoiced comes in!

Invoiced app

We focused on 3 main areas:

  • Time efficiency We make sure invoices are paid on time, using SMS and calls nudges

  • Performance Small businesses can track their performance using our performance tool

  • Business goals Businesses can set a goal, give it a target amount and we help them save for it from their recently paid invoices

Going back to Guillaume, he decided to start using Invoiced, here’s what he gets…


The first thing Guillaume sees when using the Invoiced App is his dashboard. He can see the total available for him to spend, the value of his total pending invoices and his total growth.

He can also measure where he stands now comparing to his last month's performance using outperformance tracking tool. We integrated with Quickbooks to pull the data.

Business Goals

Guillaume is expanding his business, he needs new equipment. He can set up a new goal, set the target amount he needs for it and we help his achieve it with his pending invoices.

Guillaume can add as many goals as he needs. He can also top up the amount from his available balance to speed up the process.

Chasing Invoices

In this area, Guillaume can create, see his pending and paid invoices. He can also see how many nudges the system has automatically sent to push the payment.

Automated payment using speech recognition — voice command

When the invoice is due and/or overdue, the system calls the person who needs to pay about the pending invoice. It asks them if they wish to make the payment immediately, takes their payment details and gives them feedback on whether the payment was successful.

For this, we integrated with Quickbooks to pull the data, we used Amazon Lex and Nexmo for the conversational voice and text messages.

Achieving business goals with the pending invoices

Once the payment is made, Guillaume gets a notification. We tell him that his invoice has been paid and we nudge him to contribute toward the goals he sat for his business.

Invoiced App team

From left to right, Guillaume and Rémy from France and me from Morocco.

Guillaume Agis Software Engineer with over 5 years of experience in developing and delivering scalable solutions with a business mindset.

Rémy Baroukh Android and Backend Developer. Worked for several companies in London and France, building end to end apps.

Chaymae Lougmani User Experience specialist, serial startup founder and mentor. Helps businesses go from an idea to a digital product.

To wrap up

This was the product of 2 days work, we did what we thought would make a small business reduce time chasing people to pay. It’s unpleasant and can feel intimidating.

It would be great to hear what small businesses have to say about their actual challenges and try to develop the concept more.

Thank you note

The Intuit team made sure we have fun while hacking. They knew how to break up the serious mood with cool activities and all had a big smile on their face. We did last year’s Small Biz Hack, we’ll be back next year with the same team again!

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