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Creating a great overlay design is necessary to ensure a smooth experience for the user. We take the web design or app design in a creative direction to create an optimal user experience.

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This where we answer some basic questions

Who are your customers? Talk to people, find out about their challenges and their behaviour.

What’s going on in the market? Do a competitor analysis, see how other people handle similar challenges. Discuss the pros and cons.


This is the phase where we help you define the approach you want to take for your product.

We identify patterns from the research and we start getting some visibility on the direction we need to take for the next phase.

Design and/or Develop

We take the most out of this phase! Let's be creative, take it as an opportunity to collaborate with other members of the team, explore and have fun.

We usually run design studios for this. We invite the stakeholders and brainstorm together. 

Test and iterate until you get it right.


You've got a product, now let's transform it into a business!

At this stage, we accompany you to choose the right approach to build and reach your audience. 

Creative. Sustainable. Available.

Our Services

User experience & design thinking

Usable and delightful user experiences

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You've got an idea? Go for it

We'll accompany you throughout the whole process

Innovation Pie is one of the most recognized design studios in London. Our reputation was built on performance, trust and, most importantly, creativity. We love what we do and are constantly looking for new sources of inspiration.

Our clients trust us with their projects and know that our team of experts will be there with them every step of the way. In a 21st century marketplace, we realise that building beautiful solutions isn’t enough. That’s why our specialists will make sure that the projects we design are affordable and results-driven.